Puppies borned 20170711

Two puppies after Matisse, Batterikullens Goody Goody and Ricard, Quaciendas Ruffe Ciscarno are borned. It ended up at the Animal Hospital for an emergency cesarean section on the 11th of july. At 12.30 Pastis, female 335 gram and Duval, male 287 gram came into our world. They are so lovely. Matisse accepted them as soon as she woke up after the surgery. Every time I wanted her to go out for a pee I hade to carry her outside because she didn´t want to leave her puppies. I also had to feed her inside the whelpingbox by hand. The first two days I had to feed Pastis and Duval because the milk hadn´t arrived. Now there is a lot and I don´t need that anymore. Pastis and Duval are very content and only make noises when  they are hungry or when Matisse is washing them. They also dream a lot and Pastis is making some kind of barks when she is sleeping. Sounds lovely;-)


14 jul 2017