Now I am going to tell you about the mating situation. We had seemen collected and stored from Quaciendas Ruffe Cinscarno last autumn. After that he was chemical castrated. We sent for the seemen week 9 and it was delivered in a broken container and the seemen was thawed and useless. I was totally devastated! Since then we have been working againts a chip to make him produce. But we haven´t succeded. Matisse will be in heat any day now and I have no other male for her. My demands on a male are very high and I don´t breed if I can´t say "Waoh" concerning type, coat, character and health. And it is also very hard to find a nice male with low inbreeding in combination with Matisse, it`s much easier with Bellamie. So  that´s why we now go for Bellamie. Those who have been asking for a puppy from the combination with Matisse and Ricard and who are on our puppylist will be offered to stand on the puppylist in the combination between Bellamie and Fazi. This combination is as good as the other one;-) Fazi has all those qualities I am asking for. He has also such a lovely character that he would be qualified as an assistance dog. His pedigree is very nice and the two beauties, Bellamie and Fazi, have their lovely look in common so I think they´ll produce lovely puppies.  Fazi has A-hips and Bellamie has B-hips. Both dogs have elbows 0 and eyes clear. All Fazis siblings have A-hips so even that makes this combination a very good one.
I am very, very happy for this lovely combination. As I told you I don´t breed if I can´t say "Waoh" and I do say "Waoh" about this one. I have considered everything so Yes I can say this combination is very good indeed. I intend to save a female on my own. 
Fazi to the left and Bellamie to the right. More information and photos you find here on"home".
15 apr 2017