• Dogs are amazing

Yesterday we had to go with a puppy to the Animal Hospital because we suspected urinary tract infection. It also turned out to be true and the puppy received antibiotics and analgesics in the form of injection and prescription for medicine to be taken for another 5 days. Urinary tract infection is very common among puppies although it was the first time for us.

When we got home it was amazing to see the dogs' reactions. All puppies gathered around the puppy who had left, licked her and showed a lot of joy. Bellamie counted in her puppies by looking around at all and nodding for each puppy. Amazing to see! Bellamie licked the puppy and then took her away to give her food and continue the washing. I lay next to them and when the puppy was cleaned, it was my turn;-). Everything to show her gratitude to me. It's great to see how dogs communicate only you have eyes open for this communication.

7 sep 2017