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Étoile 15 weeks

10 nov 2017

Rose Étoile is growing fast. She is lovlier than ever;-)

Bruno 4 years today

12 okt 2017

Lots of kisses and hugs to father Bruno from all his D`amour puppies with Bellamie.

Lykke, Barbet Bay´s Cést Mon Reve Pastis, 13 weeks

8 okt 2017

A lovely photo!

D´amour Females

30 sep 2017


Rose Étoile 9 weeks

Rose Étoile 8 weeks

Rose Étoile 7 weeks.

Voir Ma Belle 9 weeks

Voir Ma Belle 8 weeks

Voir Ma Belle 7 weeks

La Vie Jolie 8 weeks

La Vie Jolie 7 weeks

La Vie Jolie 6 weeks

The whole family

21 sep 2017

So nice to see them all gathered in one photo. Thank you soo much for this lovley photo, Agnieszka and thank you for a very nice cooperation during all this time. A very nice litter! It will be very interesting to follow how they develope over time. So happy, they are all coming to lovely families, couldn´t be better!




Veterinary examination

19 sep 2017

Happy news!!! Today veterinary examination, vaccination and chipmarking for Barbet Bay´s D´amour litter, Bellamie and Bruno litter. All puppies without remark! EVERYTHING EXCELLENT!! The vet said the litter was very!! easy to examine, one of them even slept through it all;-) The first time the veterinarian met a puppy who slept through it all;-) All of them were silent, sleeping while waiting for their turn;-) Amazing litter! Bellamie is an amazing mother, very calm just laying down on the floor while the vet did what she had to do;-) We are soo happy for these excellent results

Leash training

17 sep 2017

Voila Chopin 7 1/2 week

Royal Fernand 7 1/2 week

Bel Donatello 7 1/2 week

Voir Zeonard 7 1/2 week


La Vie Jolie 7 1/2 week



Voir Ma Belle 7 1/2 week

Rose Étoile 7 1/2 week


7 sep 2017

  • Dogs are amazing

Yesterday we had to go with a puppy to the Animal Hospital because we suspected urinary tract infection. It also turned out to be true and the puppy received antibiotics and analgesics in the form of injection and prescription for medicine to be taken for another 5 days. Urinary tract infection is very common among puppies although it was the first time for us.

When we got home it was amazing to see the dogs' reactions. All puppies gathered around the puppy who had left, licked her and showed a lot of joy. Bellamie counted in her puppies by looking around at all and nodding for each puppy. Amazing to see! Bellamie licked the puppy and then took her away to give her food and continue the washing. I lay next to them and when the puppy was cleaned, it was my turn;-). Everything to show her gratitude to me. It's great to see how dogs communicate only you have eyes open for this communication.

D´amour litter 6 weeeks

5 sep 2017

Photos of the litter here at 6 weeks:

Vårt valppaket

3 sep 2017

Hard to be outside

23 aug 2017

It´s hard to be outside. New sleeping position photos on fb;-)

Bellamie and Brunos puppies 4 weeks

22 aug 2017

Rose Étoile 4 weeks old;-)

Royal Fernand 4 weeks;-)

Voir Ma Belle 4 weeks;-)

Voir Zeonard 4 weeks;-)

La Vie Jolie 4 weeks;-)

Bel Donatello 4 weeks;-)

Voila Chopin 4 weeks;-)


19 aug 2017

The Bellamie& Bruno puppies are growing and on sunday we will take them outdoors just to feel the grass under their paws. They get food twice a day and next week they will have food 3 times a day. They eat with all their body so taking nice photos is hard. There is A LOT of cleaning afterwards. Pastis, Matisses puppy, ate together with the puppies this morning. She is much bigger so they thought she might have some milk under her stomach;-) She licked them and lay nicely down next to them but after a while she wanted to play so then she had to leave them. Both Duval and Pastis (Matisse & Ricard) have got a lot of teeth already so they can´t play with the puppies yet. Besides Pastis and Duval weigh 3 1/2 kilo while Bellamie and Bruno puppies weigh right below 2 kilos so....The puppies play about 5-10 minutes and then they are so tired they just fall asleep. Some of them also fall asleep while they are eating food;-) When Bellamie has given the puppies milk she always stays to clean them and they crawl up on her and they really love their mother. It´s so nice to see. We have the puppies in the kitchen area and Bellamie is sleeping there all the time. She can decide herself when to jump into them or to jump out. Just as it shall be.

Duval and Pastis are so social and they are together with us all the time. They also love Bellamie and sleep very often next to her as well or play with her fur. I had to cut Bellamie a lot since lactating is very hard to the fur but it will grow back. Matisse is a very nice mother but it´s hard for her now when Duval and Pastis have got their teeth so she decids when it´s time to eat so no eating just for fun;-)

Nya foton Bellamie och Bruno (Fazi) valpar

18 aug 2017

Until I have put the photos here you can click on the link and see them on fb.

Bellamies and Brunos puppies now 18 days old;-)

13 aug 2017

Bellamies and Brunos puppies now 18 days old. This morning, after claw clipping and devorming, they get the best in the world, mummy milk;-) Now all of them have opened their eyes and in the middle of next week it´ll be time to move into a bigger area.

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 Barbet Bay´s Bellamie 9 months old,  BIR, with Ck and Cert at Malmö International in Sweden 2016. The critics was: Feminine, well proportioned with excellent body for her age, well proportionate head with accurate low set ears, pronounced stop well developed head-coat, matching beard, correct bite, beautiful front, neck and topline for her age, long woolly and curly coat, accurate high carried tail . Moves easily with good front grip suitable stability for age.