Rose Étoile going for a swim

8 sep 2018

Rose Étoile

7 sep 2018


2 sep 2018

Bellamie had a haircut today. After that we went for a nice walk by the sea. Lovely feeling green grass under the paws again after a very dry summer.

Barbet Bay´s Bellamie

17 aug 2018


Now SE UCH. Soo proud of her!

Happy Birhday D´amour Litter

26 jul 2018

Happy Birthday Barbet Bay´s D´amour 1 year today♥️

Rose Étoile passed the Swedish Therapy Dog School's aptitude test to becoming a social service dog.

11 jul 2018

So happy!! Étoile today passed the Swedish Therapy Dog School's aptitude test to becoming a social service dog. The review was: A very calm, nice and friendly dog who solves situations in a peaceful way. Now we start part 2 in our education run by the Swedish Therapy School. 1 barbet and 9 labradors are assumed 

Happy Birthday

10 jul 2018

Happy Birthday Lykke, Barbet Bay's C'est mon rêve Pastis and Tintin, Barbet Bay's C'est mon rêve Duval. 1 year old 20180711. Proud parents are Ricard, Quaciëndas Ruffe Ciscarno and Matisse, Batterikullens Goody Goody. Wish you both a lovely day and lots of lovely days to follow♥️♥️

Barbet Bay´s D´amour Rose Étoile BIM/BOS in Tvååker, Sweden.

8 jul 2018

Barbet Bay’s Damour Rose ‘Etoile got excellent, Btkl 1, Ck, Cert, Nordic Cert, BIM/BOS today at Nordic Show in Tvååker Sweden. 6 barbets entered, 3 males and 3 females.

Welcome to our new blog at:

3 jul 2018

Welcome to our new blog at

Aftre a big party, Étoile is now back home, resting in the doorway

2 jul 2018

Étoile was the only dog invited to a birthday party for my sister. 70 people were invited and Étoile showed she was a real mingeldog, going around, wagging her tail, saying hello to everybody, giving kisses and hugs;-) until late midnight. She behaved perfectly and we are so, so proud of her. She has social skills for sure!

Rose Étoile 11 months

29 jun 2018

Natural posing when watching a bird. Étoile was today brushed, washed and naturally air dried. Her coat is soft as silk!

Happy Midsummer

22 jun 2018

Barbet Bay´s D´amour Rose Étoile, 10 months, says happy Midsummer to all of you!

Nationell Show Norrköping

3 jun 2018

A lovely day at Norrköping Nationell Show. The judge, Stewart-Ritchie D, IRLAND, was overwhelmed about our dogs! Barbet Bay´s D´amour Royal Fernand BIR/BOB, Ck and CERT with amazing critics!! and Barbet Bay´s D´amour Rose Étoile BIM/BOS with Ck and CERT also with just lovely critics!! 5 barbets entered and Fernand and Étoile were the youngest ones, only 10 months and stilll winning. It was a lovely day. I met some very nice and helpfull people. And I would like to say thank you to all of you!


Rose Étoile BIR/BOB Junior, excellent with Ck and Cert/CAC and BIR with NORDIC Cert/CAC at Nordic Dog Show

21 maj 2018

Rose Étoile, grandmothers mother look alike

2 apr 2018

Barbet Bay´s D´amour Rose Étoile 8 months. Looks very much like her grandmothers mother Amande below on this photo. Amazing! Étoile is now 54 cm and 20.3 kilos.

Av fotograf Åsa Lindholm.

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 Barbet Bay´s Bellamie 9 months old,  BIR, with Ck and Cert at Malmö International in Sweden 2016. The critics was: Feminine, well proportioned with excellent body for her age, well proportionate head with accurate low set ears, pronounced stop well developed head-coat, matching beard, correct bite, beautiful front, neck and topline for her age, long woolly and curly coat, accurate high carried tail . Moves easily with good front grip suitable stability for age.