When mom has blocked the bath I give the sink a try.

20 feb 2018

Goliat, Royal Fernand 6 months, 3 weeks.

Barbet Bay´s D´amour Rose Étoile, 6 months

1 feb 2018

When her beauty hits me;-)

7 jan 2018

Barbet Bay´s D´amour Rose Étoile 5 months old

Gott Nytt År Alla

31 dec 2017

We wish you all a Happy New 2018.

To all those who think knowledge is an important part when it comes to saving the breed barbet. This is about Vieux Barbet and Modern Barbet. You find exceptionell documents, photos and the history. Study and learn! Thank you Kennel Wiercilapa for making it possible to by your homepage sharing this.

Barbet Bay´s D´amour Rose Étoile BIR, HP and BIG 4

28 dec 2017

At the Show in Moheda. BIR, HP and BIG 4. Here are the critics translated into english:" feminine 5 month bitch, with good gender, dark eyes, well-placed ears, good back and neck, well applied tail, well-developed chest for the age, well angled front and back, moving freely, very nice from the side. Nice temperament. " Her brother Fernand became BIM (Best in opposite) also with Honour Prize and very nice critics;-) A very nice day!


22 dec 2017

Bellamie och Étoile

21 dec 2017

Mother Bellamie and her daughter Rose Étoile 5 months

Étoile 4 1/2 month

14 dec 2017

A pool for a real waterdog

3 dec 2017

Bel Donatello 4 months old swimming in the pool in Florida. Such a lovely life! Donatello is living with 3 beardied collies and here is Mocha, one of his best friends!

Barbet Bay´s D´amour Rose Étoile 4 months

25 nov 2017

Étoile 4 months, 14 kilos and 44 cm high. She is adorable!

Barbet vieux or barbet modern

20 nov 2017

Rose Étoile 16 weeks

18 nov 2017

Our lovely Rose Étoile is growing real fast. She loves food! She is now 13 kilos;-) She follows every step I take so very hard taking photos;-)

Étoile 15 weeks

10 nov 2017

Rose Étoile is growing fast. She is lovlier than ever;-)

Bruno 4 years today

12 okt 2017

Lots of kisses and hugs to father Bruno from all his D`amour puppies with Bellamie.

Lykke, Barbet Bay´s Cést Mon Reve Pastis, 13 weeks

8 okt 2017

A lovely photo!

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 Barbet Bay´s Bellamie 9 months old,  BIR, with Ck and Cert at Malmö International in Sweden 2016. The critics was: Feminine, well proportioned with excellent body for her age, well proportionate head with accurate low set ears, pronounced stop well developed head-coat, matching beard, correct bite, beautiful front, neck and topline for her age, long woolly and curly coat, accurate high carried tail . Moves easily with good front grip suitable stability for age.